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We always thought Leighton was in excellent health until the day we got a call from his school that changed our lives. He had just finished a season of running cross country without incident when he collapsed, without warning, while standing on second base during a PE kickball game. The quick thinking and actions of his high school classmates and staff saved Leighton’s life.

Doctors diagnosed Leighton with a life-threatening disease that can cause sudden cardiac arrest. There is no cure, but Leighton uses medication and an implantable cardioverter defibrillator to help monitor his condition. Unfortunately, the condition still means that Leighton must avoid all competitive sports, a vital part of his high school life before his diagnosis.

When Leighton found out he would get a wish, he focused on a hobby that was still safe for him—video games. Ultimately, Leighton wished for a game room where he can spend time with family and friends.

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