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VCU Libraries Misfit Chairs

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VCU Libraries has a bit of a deep, dark secret. That secret is us, the Misfit Chairs. There are many of us that need replacing. And it isn’t just that we are a little bit out of date. We have stayed in use long past our expiration date. We just don't fit in anymore, especially now that Cabell Library has the Eames and the Barcelona chairs and the cool new booths and seating cubbies with power outlets. We are so last decade, maybe even the decade before last. We should be retired, to a storage closet or surplus. We -- the Misfit Chairs are ratty, torn and Starbucks stained. But, we're still needed to provide seats for students. There's no money to retire us. The reason we are still around is that VCU Libraries invests in very important things -- information resources such as books and online journals, technology and staff to support VCU’s students, faculty and the entire community. Furniture is generally low on the list of priorities as long as it is still functioning. So while we, the VCU Libraries Misfit Chairs, are technically still functioning, we are like that well-meaning friend or family member that strikes up a totally inappropriate conversation with somebody in line at the coffee shop and the next thing you know you are doing everything you can to get out of a blind date later in the week. We're so ugly and tired that the Cabell Undergraduate Advisory Committee has heard our cries of embarrassment and adopted our cause to raise money to retire us. Please help CLUAC in raising $10,000 to replace us, the Misfit Chairs. Your donation will help replace many gross, ripped, shredded, stained chairs with beautiful new, stain and tear proof chairs that are ergonomically correct and ready to meet the parents. With everyone working together we retire for good!


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