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We’re helping student-athletes
from all backgrounds become
character leaders on and off the field.

Many students, particularly those from underserved communities, don’t see themselves as leaders.

And sports is the perfect venue for developing grit, self-awareness, empathy, teamwork, self-efficacy and gratitude — critical skills for leadership both on and off the field.

So with Sports Challenge, we bring together high school student-athletes from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. They share every part of every day with people who may be very different from themselves — for many, it’s a new experience.

Immersed in a growth-mindset culture, they debate, compete, develop new skills, celebrate achievements, share meals and personal experiences, embrace and question new concepts — and, of course, sweat!

At the end of nine challenging days, our student-athletes leave Sports Challenge better prepared to thrive in an increasingly diverse world.

125 student-athletes come from all types of schools, regions and backgrounds.

Last year, 76% of student-athletes received need-based scholarships.

That’s $130,500 in scholarships to 80 participants.

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