Healthy bond for Life
There is a bond between pets and our health.

Dogs and cats are family members, and often, our best friends. As more of us are working from home, the bond with our pets can be a powerful partner in keeping us happier and healthier. 

Studies have shown pet ownership may help increase fitness levels, relieve stress, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and boost overall happiness and well-being. Pets also provide social support, which is an important factor in helping you stick with healthy habits. 

It’s no surprise that people who walk their dogs are more likely to get the recommended amount of physical activity than those who don’t. One study found that pet owners who walk their dogs got up to 30 minutes more exercise a day than non-walkers. But there are other studies that give us warnings that our human eating habits and love of food, can also impact our pet companions. 

We will continue looking at more ways the healthy bond between you and your pet makes you more resilient, happier and looking towards the future with optimism. Help us spread the word about pet parenting. Click “join” to start your own fundraising with a picture of you and your best friend(s)! Especially if your pet is now your new co-worker at home!  

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