4th Annual Iron Maidens Stay Strong Scholarship Fundraiser

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  Sep 07 2019 . 597 Degraw St, Brooklyn, NY 11217, USA


The Iron Maidens Stay Strong Scholarship was created in partnership with the Iron Maidens Raw Open to send women without access to financial aid to college. In the past three years we have raised over $90,000 and sent 15 women to college! We’re returning for a fourth year to continue funding the students currently enrolled and to send more women to college.

The Iron Maidens Raw Open is an all-female powerlifting competition - one of the few in the country. It provides an approachable and competitive environment for women to test their maximum capacity in the Back Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift. Iron Maidens emphasizes community through lifting, and celebrates women of all ages and stages of training. 

The Stay Strong Scholarship is operated by Grace Outreach, a South Bronx based non-profit that works with women to further their financial goals and gain financial independence. The money we raise pays for 70% of college tuition for undocumented students, Dreamers, and women who have been victims of predatory for-profit colleges. Students in these financial situations have no access to financial aid dollars and the undocumented students are ineligible for most scholarships. 

Now, more than ever, we are proud to be giving this necessary support to undocumented women, Dreamers, and women without accesss to financial aid who are working to improve their lives through education. 

This scholarship rewards persistence—the grit and determination to keep going during hard times. We believe this recognizes and addresses the reality our students face, and also captures the essence of the Iron Maidens Competition.

To learn more, and read the stories of women who have received the the Iron Maidens Stay Strong Scholarship please visit the Iron Maidens Raw Open website, and Grace Outreach. Of course, you are invited  to the meet on September 7th to cheer on our competitors at Crossfit South Brooklyn!

And THANK YOU for your continued support!

Posted by Grace Outreach