Join Kershaw's Challenge & you can

Play Ping Pong with Clayton Kershaw &
Friends at Dodger Stadium

Greatest Ping Pong & Dodger Experience of All Time

Challenge ends in

The Prize:

2 people win big.

Not only will you attend a batting practice this Dodgers' season, but you'll win a coveted PLAYER SPOT in Clayton & Ellen Kershaw's 2016 Ping Pong Tournament on August 11th at Dodger Stadium.


On August 11th at the PING PONG 4 PURPOSE Tournament:
• You'll get 2 VIP tickets to meet Clayton Kershaw
• A private tour of the Clubhouse
• Your Name in the ribbon loop at Dodger Stadium
• Then you'll get your Player Spot in the PP4P celebrity ping pong tournament!

Smash with LA's best, from Dodgers to celebrities to pro athletes, all of you paddling it out for one night only at Dodger Stadium.
Your Ping Pong trophy awaits!


• In addition, then you + your guest will attend a batting practice as Kershaw's Challenge VIPs! (at a mutually determined date this season)

The Cause:

Kershaw’s Challenge exists to encourage everyone to use whatever drives you, to use your God-given passion or talent they have to make a difference and give back!

"Baseball is great. I love it. I'm thankful I get to play it, blessed to be able to play it past high school. But at the same time, I know it's a platform to be able to do other things. We're just excited we get to do it. We know that baseball is going to end one of these days, hopefully a long time from now. And hopefully we have some things that continue long, long after we're gone."
-Clayton Kershaw

In the spirit that Clayton & Ellen Kershaw founded Kershaw's Challenge, our greatest hope is for everyone to use the spheres of influence to positively impact their communities, near and far, to expand God's Kingdom. We believe that our faith combined can unite neighborhoods and transform at-risk children through the benevolence and impact of others!

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