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EVENT DATE: Dec 05, 2014


If you would like to give us a wedding gift, we ask that it be one that will help those with greater needs than ourselves. In lieu of a traditional registry, we have set up a donation-based fund in support of an urgent cause that is very near and dear to our hearts – the devastating war and subsequent humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip. As of early August, the offensive has killed 2,000 Palestinians, injured 10,000 and left over 500,000 homeless and displaced.

The United Nations agency, UNRWA,is currently the largest humanitarian organization in Gaza, and has worked tirelessly to provide for, support and protect these desperate and traumatized refugees.

UNRWA is currently providing shelter to more than 187,000 beneficiaries in all five areas of the Gaza Strip. There are currently 90 designated emergency shelters;
UNRWA trucks continue to distribute thousands of critically-needed food, mattresses, hygiene kits, diapers, and water supplies to those displaced in UNRWA schools;
UNRWA is providing fuel to ensure that water pumping and electrical generators at hospitals and blood banks remain functional;
UNRWA sanitation laborers continue to work in the refugee camps to keep the camps clean and prevent fast spreading diseases;
UNRWA’s dedicated health staff are reporting to work at UNRWA’s health clinics, serving more than 8,000 patients each day;
UNRWA’s food distribution centers remain open, serving 830,000 hungry refugees, despite some centers suffering damages.

100% donations made to URWA go directly to relief efforts and our wedding fund will go towards the medical treatment and shelter of those impacted by the war. This is purely a humanitarian driven organization with no political or religious ties and we thank you in advance for your support for us and our dedication to this cause.



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