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Team Joe Andruzzi Foundation Boston Marathon 2013

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January 02, 2013

Please help me make a difference, this one is for you mom!!!!  See more

BENEFITING: Joe Andruzzi Foundation

ORGANIZER: Joe Andruzzi Foundation

EVENT: 2013 Boston Marathon

EVENT DATE: Apr 15, 2013

Margo Pacheco (Antonellis)


This past October my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer a few days before her birthday (don't worry mom I won't give your age away).  It has been a situation that she has handled with grace, dignity and a strength that I always knew she had but wished she would never need.  She is still in the process of dealing and healing the breast cancer and she is doing an amazing job! I know that she will beat this :).  

Unfortunately, too many of you know exactly how it feels to have some you love diagnosed with cancer.  It is always scary, sometimes it makes you sad, sometimes it makes you angry but all the time it makes you feel helpless.  Helpless is just about the worst feeling in the world . I have decided to no longer focus on what I can't do but focus on what I can do and I can run.  I am coming out of retirement dusting off my marathon sneakers and hitting the pavement with a mission.  I will run the 2013 Boston marathon for my mother and for every other sister, brother, mother, father and child who has felt helpless becasue of cancer.  

There are so many amazing charities to chose from and they truly all make a difference.  I have chosen to run for the "Joe Andruzzi Foundation"  becasue it helps people with cancer and their families when they feel the most helpless..  JAF donates money to find a cure and helps patients and their families pay pressing bills so they need not worry about anything else but fighting cancer.  I have seen the families that JAF has helped, it is truly unbeliveable to see the smiles and hope it has brought to their lives.  

My personal goal is $5000 so please help me and JAF make a difference!  Any amount makes a difference and is greatly appreciated.   

Thank you!!!



For more information on The Joe Andruzzi Foundation please visit their website:

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119% Raised of$5,000 Goal

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