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We know you care about your world. We do too. This is why Restore the Earth Foundation (REF) launched Groundswell, a movement for the next generation, helping to heal the earth with us…one tree at a time.  For just $35, you can help create fresh air and pure water for generations to come, starting in the Mississippi River Basin.


$35 - plants 1 tree, restores degraded lands, re-establishes forests & protects coastal communities 

$350 - plants 10 trees and provides you with a “boots in the mud” volunteer experience

$3,500 - restores an entire acre of critical ecosystems


Why the Mississippi River Basin?  It’s the third largest river basin on Earth and home to critical ecosystems that impact all of North America and the Earth’s climate. The forest that surrounds the Mississippi River Basin provides the essential ecosystem services we need to survive, including the fresh air you breathe every day. The forest regulates rainstorms and heat waves, marking the seasons for all the creatures that depend on it. It is home and market to an array of wildlife, from soaring songbirds to tiny marine organisms. With only 20% of priority forest remaining, the communities that live near these regions are some of the most underserved in the country and they are at risk.


Invest in the future. Be part of the Groundswell. 

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Pointe-aux-Chenes, LA

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