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Enter to WIN a Marmot Traillight 2 person tent by EITHER donating $27 or more to any of our 12 organizations OR starting a fundraiser and raising at least $75. One winner per month. 


What is Lead Now


We like to climb, but climbing is a priveledge not everyone has. It takes us to unlikely corners of the globe, providing a chance to learn and share with other cultures. We're eternally grateful for the opportunity to travel the world, and we want to use our adventure to give back.


Lead Now is a global tour to inspire people through rock climbing. With a one month deadline in each country, professional rock climber Paige Claassen pushes women’s climbing standards around the globe to inspire people of all cultures to lead a life of adventure. Through CrowdRise, the Lead Now team partners with a local non profit each month to raise money and produce video marketing material to spread awareness for each organization's social work. 


In each location, Paige attempts a new climbing challenge as a way to draw attention to social needs around the world and enable women and children to sustain their own communities. Production company Louder Than 11 releases a monthly video episode encompassing the adventure, culture, climbing, and community in each country. 

Who is Paige Claassen

Paige Claassen, a 22 year old professional rock climber and University of Colorado marketing graduate, began climbing at the age of 9. She quickly progressed through the ranks of competition climbing, winning such titles as National Champion and Continental Champion, and performing well internationally in the World Cup circuit and World Championships. Paige now spends her time pushing the limits of women’s sport climbing throughout the world, with such ascents as Grand Ol’ Oprey (5.14b) and Motley Crux (5.14a). Paige seeks to expand her diverse portfolio of achievements while simultaneously contributing to the lives of others by exploring and learning from unique cultures.


Rules: Marmot Trailight 2 Tent