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Jacinto Convit World Organization Inc

Our mission is to give access to better healthcare solutions to those that need it the most

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The Jacinto Convit World Organization is a U.S. nonprofit and nongovernmental organization incorporated in 2014, that contributes primarily to important areas of public health, such as cancer and endemic infectious diseases in developing countries with poor health conditions. The organization is named after Dr. Jacinto Convit (1913-2014), a renowned physician, scientist, and humanist, who impacted millions worldwide with his medical studies and interventions along his lengthy career of more than 70 years. Inspired in the vision of creating social impact through science, the Jacinto Convit World Organization has a multidisciplinary team of professionals that work with commitment, communication and diversity of capabilities to make a positive impact in our society.

Our current efforts are centered on two main programs, Molecular Diagnostics and Cancer Immunotherapy. The Molecular Diagnostics program is based on supporting the expansion of the Molecular Diagnostic Unit run by our partner organizations in South America. It consists on a personalized, precise, and free of cost diagnostic service for cancers and endemic infectious diseases for underprivileged patients (mainly children) that are treated in public hospitals of the region. The Cancer Immunotherapy program seeks to make Dr. Convit's cancer immunotherapy a standard low cost treatment option for cancer patients. Through partnerships with research and health centers, JCWO works to advance in the execution of clinical trials in South America, the U.S. and Europe, using the ConvitVax as a treatment for breast cancer and other solid tumors.