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July 14, 2017

Thanks so much for our initial push toward our goal of having a new building where we can help restore a new community! We are so Blessed to  See more


Zion Church of the Wounded Lamb Outreach Ministry was established in May 2009. We are a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 organization. The goal of Zion Church of the Wounded Lamb is to serve and assist our local community and those that are in need spiritually and naturally. We strive to help everyone regardless of a person’s race, gender, religious beliefs, nationality, income, and background. Zion was created to assist and be a blessing to as many people as possible!! We constantly hear how this organization have been and continue to be a blessing. The testimonies help Zion Church of the Wounded Lamb continue to reach, teach, love, and assist!!   

ZION’S OUTREACH During our 8 years of outreaching, we have been blessed to partner up with a few organizations to aid and assist. We have been blessed to partner with Sandbox Organization, which is an organization that plan, organize, and provide resources for terminally ill teenagers. Zion adopted two families for their Christmas Wish Project.  We have an annual Clothing and Household items giveaway, Zions Free Gifts from God. All items are free to the community with no criteria needed.  During Thanksgiving, we adopt 10 families and provide those families with a full Thanksgiving dinner along with desserts. We also have participated with Exodus Foundation and Genesis Project to assist those who are being rehabilitated back into the workforce and society. We currently partner with Panera Bread to give bread and baked goods to individuals and families that are in need. Zion Church of the Wounded Lamb Outreach Ministries hold weekly services to spiritually teach, edify, and inspire those who are interested.  For Zion Church to reach many people in need, edify the community, inspire and become effective in reaching our goals, it takes income, time, and dedication. 

Our Vision: To raise up a remnant people that will stand for God’s righteousness the biblical Authentic Christian

Our Mission:  It is our hearts desire that through teaching, preaching, and evangelism; to reach out to the wounded, the brokenhearted, the misguided, the lost, those who are unsure and afraid, any and everyone who has a need for a relationship with God.Our goal is to equip Gods people with biblical knowledge and understanding, line upon line, precept upon precept. To prepare them for the spiritual warfare that is present and is to come.

It is going to take all of us coming together to make a difference. What’s your contribution to making things better?  Help Zion Church of the Wounded Lamb be a blessing to the community. 


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