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You Saved Me Foundation

We Care About You!

https://www.yousaved.me Tax ID 84-1792410


For those experiencing hunger can sign up online for a weekly free premium home-cooked meal with our Care Plate Program. We also offer a free month supply of Huggies baby diapers and wipes with the Fresh Family Program. We provide a month supply of Purina Beneful Dog food for any dog experiencing hunger with our More Than A Pet Program. We supply an Emergency Survival Backpack for our Homeless neighbors living unsheltered on the streets that we call the Emergency Care Kit.

At the You Saved Me Foundation, we exist to provide professional and superior, targeted, community outreach services to our neighbors that are living unsheltered, low-income families, individuals, and disadvantaged pets. We serve with compassion, integrity, kindness, and respect. We supply high-quality essentials in time of crisis. We invite all who share our values of education, entrepreneurship, racial solidarity, upward mobility, and social justice. We can achieve sustainability for thousands of our neighbors together by donating or volunteer by joining the movement to help our neighbors achieve self-sufficiency. We offer much-needed services to our low-income and homeless neighbors in San Diego, with expansion planned in Philadelphia and Orlando in 2021. Our goal is to replace the Emergency Care Kit with a residential facility for those in need of Emergency Transitional Housing. A home to regain life skills, that can generate employment, income, and job training opportunities. This program will ensure many that would become a public charge began to transition back into the economy, workforce, or into affordable, safe housing secured independently for those who are disabled.