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Year of the Beard Manathon for Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer

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My name is not important. What is important is each life the suffers the fate and struggle of three deadly conditions, heart disease; diabetes; and, cancer. What you need to know about me is that I might be at risk one day of having one or all of these conditions. But as I said, this is not about me. This is about helping those that currently suffer from these conditions.

To give you a better understanding of why they are important to me, let me tell a story. Just about a decade ago a mother of three grown children, that had not gone to have any doctor appointment in over two decades, was diagnosed with uterine cancer and stage 2 diabetes. She was scheduled for surgery the following months to remove the cancer. She was in her early 60s. Three years after, her husband was experiencing chest pains and heart conditions that required surgery. Last year, he was rushed to the hospital after a second scare with heart disease. He was released after a few days. Within a month he was sent back into the hospital. He had another surgery, this time to install a pacemaker. This husband and wife both suffered and continue to deal with these deadly conditions.

What I did not tell you was that this couple are my parents. My mother, Francia Lynn Engle was diagnosed with cancer and diabetes. She has seemingly beaten cancer and has been in remission fro some time now. She still suffers from stage 2 diabetes and her handwriting has seen its better days. But hey, I'll take it as long as she is around.

My father, Thomas Giles Engle is a grandfather and father that has gone toe to toe with heart disease. He has taken a beating but always has had the attitude that everything will works its way through the way God has planned.

My parents have celebrated milestone after milestone with each other. August of 2014 they celebrated 50 years of marriage. Something that cancer, diabetes, and heart disease could not put to a stop. But I know that many others may not ever reach the kind of milestones that they have met in their lives. That is why I would like to raise awareness.

My goal is to do raise $50,000 or more by doing a year of the beard. I also wish to motivate others by training my body, mind, and spirit into better physical and mental shape. I will eat better foods and exercise... and, grow a hairy beard and longer hair. I will donate the hair at the end of the year. For each donation of $10, I will do whatever challenge you might request of me, record it, and post it. Keep it legal. So, please keep it fun and donate to a great cause.



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