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Ethiopian Diaspora COVID-19 Pandemic Medical Supplies Relief Fund.

Concerned members of the Ethiopian diaspora community, including Not-for-profit and civic organizations, are organizing this fundraising drive to ship to Ethiopia $5 millions worth of donated medicines and medical supplies to Ethiopia.

We are appealing only for the cost of processing, storage, and shipping. One 40 feet container of medicine and medical supplies (worth $5 millions) is ready to be shipped to Ethiopia. Depending on the funds raised, this relief effort can be an ongoing process in the future.

This is the time to come together to show our concern and solidarity for people in Ethiopia. The hard part is already done, we have hard to find COVID19 medical supplies ready to go. All we need to do now raise sufficient money to send this medicine and medical supplies in the timely manner.

With the March 11th announcement of COVID-19 as a pandemic by WHO has brought home the reality of the pandemic to countries in Africa. Countries like Ethiopia are scrambling to deal with this potentially devastating emergency. Unfortunately, Ethiopia, like many other countries around the world, is not prepared with sufficient medical resources to confront the situation. While some supplies are being delivered by China, the supplies are insignificant for a country of 110,000 million. As we have seen in Italy and other countries, thousands could our fellow countrymen can die if critical life saving supplies are not made available. The Ethiopian Diaspora must contribute its share to help the people of Ethiopia, and show solidarity to our Motherland in this critical time.

We thank you in advance for supporting this critical cause.

1. Concerned Ethiopians in the DMV area.
2. Yeabemedical and Rehabilitation Center.
3. Medemer In Action

The shipment will be expedited with the help of the Ethiopian Embassy Diplomatic staff, Ethiopian Airlines, and the Ethiopian Government.

May God Protect our people, Ethiopia,