YALLA San Diego Inc

YALLA San Diego Inc
YALLA San Diego Inc
GoFundMe Charity : Jan 18, 2015
Tax ID: 38-3814266
BASED: El Cajon, CA, United States

CHARITY WEBSITE: www.yallasd.org

YALLA San Diego Inc

Our Vision

Soccer is the hook. College is the goal.

<p>Together, we can invest in a new life for refugee and immigrant youth!<br /> &nbsp;</p> <p>We are currently experiencing the largest refugee crisis since World War 2. From Syria alone, there are 4.8 million displaced people, and when they arrive to their adopted homes, they are exhausted. They are also confused by the new culture, and they are often lost in the language.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>However, the journey to rebuild their lives is just beginning.</p> <p><br /> For the past six years, YALLA has served over 1,000 refugee and immigrant youth, ages 6-18 from all across the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Asia. Our vision is to create a college hub for refugee and immigrant youth through our state-of-the-art, technology-based, academic programs. We utilize our students&rsquo; love of soccer as a hook to motivate them to focus on their academics and to build a successful future.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Let&#39;s impact the lives of refugee and immigrant youth and build a bright future together!&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>$30 -- Pays for one week of&nbsp;one-on-one English training with a literacy tutor &nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>$60 -- Pays for a high school junior to tour a California university</p> <p>$100 -- Pays for one student to participate in YALLA&rsquo;s summer tech camp</p>

Tax ID: 38-3814266 • www.yallasd.org


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