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June 18, 2010

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EVENT DATE: Feb 08, 2011

Robyn Stegman


Our story starts with one awesome dad. He is a single father who has given us everything two girls could ask for. When he didn't know how to sew patches onto our clothes he bought Sewing for Dummies and learned. When he wasn't getting enough flexibility at work he quit his job to find one that would allow him to spend more time with us. My father was a terrible cook when my parents divorced but he knew family dinners were important so he tried different recipes every night and now I am proud to say my father is an excellent cook who makes some of the best tacos in the Michigan.

This man, my father, has one dream: To ring Room to Read’s yak bell.

What am I talking about? Room to Read is an organization founded by John Wood that builds libraries all over the world. It just so happens to be my father’s favorite nonprofit. In fact I have never seen my dad get so excited about anything else in his life. Room to Read has this yak bell that they let really big donors ring. It’s become a huge honor in the Room to Read community and it is my father's dream to ring it.

So I wrote an email to John Wood, the founder of Room to Read and asked him one question: If my sister and I raise $24,000 can our father ring the yak bell?

John Wood said yes, not only one yes but five very enthusiastic yeses and he shared our story with the Room to Read community.

Which is how a woman named Crystal Wilson heard about us. It was Crystal’s father that told her to go out and fix the world, which is why she got involved in Room to Read. She was inspired by our story so, in honor of her father she has agreed to match everything we raise. So instead of raising $24,000 we will actually raise $48,000. That is enough money to build 12 libraries. All because of this idea, because of our father, because of an incredible woman in Seattle who believes in what we can do.

So now is the tough part. My sister and I have created The Yak Bell Project to raise $24,000 to make not only my dad’s dreams come true by giving the gift of a library to children all over the world.


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Crystal Wilson

Crystal Wilson


Cheers to the two of you and your tremendous Dad! For Father's Day, this is in honor of mine........... 10 years ago

Elizabeth I Gifford

Elizabeth I Gifford


My local library was always my second home! 10 years ago

Robyn Stegman

Robyn Stegman


10 years ago