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After my ninth grade year ended in 2013 My parents signed me up for a media program at the YMCA in Detroit. Initially, I was nervous about attending the Y Arts program; since it would be the first time I went to a camp and didn’t know anyone beforehand. During the first week, the instructors and campers were all very welcoming and had great senses of humor, which allowed me to easily open up to them and participate in the daily activities. I, along with many of the other campers, quickly bonded and formed friendships that are still strong to this day. The amazing field trips to museums, parks, and around the city, gave campers a chance to take advantage of all the beautiful scenery that fills Detroit, whether it was through pictures, interviews, or short films. The atmosphere of this media camp inspired me to continue my photography throughout my sophomore year, as I looked forward to coming back next summer.


As the summer of 2014 was approaching, I was thrilled to come back for another summer of film making and reconnecting with my friends from the previous year. At this point, I was 16 years old and one of the older campers who was experienced and eager to teach the newcomers how to use the photography equipment. Our ideas were soon coming to life as we filmed movies nearly every day and our creativity broadened with the help of the program instructors, Mikey, John and Rebecca, who inspired us to take pictures, document what we saw and express how we felt about Detroit. The trips we went on: Scarab Club, DIA, Channel 7 News station-were truly an amazing experience that gave us a better insight on how eventful yet challenging film editing, video production, and music producing can be. Unlike the previous year, I was comfortable with sharing my ideas with everyone and wasn’t afraid like I had been in the beginning.

In June 2015, I went from being a camper to an arts assistant for the Y Arts program; I got to enjoy the camp while also being someone that the younger campers were able to look up to for help with ideas and principles of photography.My name is Taylor C. I am a 17 year old senior at Grosse Pointe North.  When I graduate I plan to continue photography, film making, and because of the Y Arts media camp, I’ve become more comfortable with expressing my ideas and love for taking pictures and interviewing others. The last three summers that I’ve participated in this program have been an amazing experience because of the helpful instructors, being able to travel around Detroit and interacting with people around the city. 


- Taylor C. 


Taylor's story is just one example of the many lives positively impacted by the Y Arts program at YMCA over the years. To find out more about the amazing impact Y Arts has click on and view the teams below. Sign up to join a team and support your community by fundraising. Donate to one of our featured iniatives to make programs to more accessable for the children who need them most, the children of metropolitian Detroit.We have the ability to change hundreds of lives for the better but it can only happen if we work together. 


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