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X-Cel Group

Architecting Sustaiable Businesses

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Founded in 2018, The X-CEL Group (TXG) will be a disruptor in the 501(c) (3) Nonprofit community. Inspired by Faith in Sustainable Businesses, we offer a wide range of high-quality, virtual, executive business courses. We are committed to developing the skills of untapped talent from Veteran, differently abled and underserved communities by establishing and advancing sustainable businesses.

Our Vision is to equip business owners with emotional intelligence that are often counterintuitive insights to achieve organization sustainability. Our Instructional Designers have developed curriculums that follow the critical path to obtaining solid business skills that quickly translate into achieving sustainable and profitable business goals.

Our goal of the Executive Business classes is to provide affordable advisory services that mobilize executives with expertise in Leadership, Business Establishment, Procurement Fundamentals, Marketing/Social Medial expertise, and Financial Management strategies. Our classes are designed to bring a laser focus on the failure points that traditionally plague business owners which ultimately causes the business to fail or never reach their profit goals.

Our services will cultivate a business owners’ ability to establish, grow and sustain their business. In this model we will broaden the range of partners interested in contributing to the solution by providing tools, techniques, processes, methodologies and grants that will offset the cost of the training program.  Executive services that will equip the business with strong advisory support. Access to critical relationships to mentor the business owners, and investment capital that will ensure the sustainability of the business model with private sector financing.