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WWII Veterans History Fund

WWII Veterans History Fund interviews and generates videos and books for Veterans and their families for free.

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Make a Pearl Harbor Survivor Happy Today!

WWII Veterans History Fund interviews mainly Pearl Harbor Survivors and generates videos and books for the Veterans and their families for free. We also attend many Veteran's events and record the Veterans giving presentations. We also create posters and slideshows for their history presentations. Please search for "Pearl Harbor Survivor" on Youtube (dondowney) to see their videos and their books are at Lulu.com.

We have so many Veterans who have recorded their entire life history with us and have had us scan their entire collection of scrapbook photos and memorabilia that we do not have time to fully edit and create books for those Veterans who are still alive.  I have 4 more books ready to print right now and 10 to 20 more with hours of transcripts and many photos. Please help fund us so that we may hire staff to complete and print these books as soon as possible and send copies to the Vets while they are still here to see it and also for their families and the Veterans History Project and Library of Congress. The Veterans retain the copyright on their book.

When my wife and I started this project, I thought we were going to learn all about the brave members of the "Greatest Generation" who fought and won WWII.  We did but were surprised to find out that EVERY Veteran who lived to be this old had a wife or significant other with him for 50 years or more. Love. 

Thanks for considering to give to our charity (100% of the money will go directly to printing books for these Veterans), Don Downey