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Helping parrots survive in the wild and flourish in companion care

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Nearly 30% of all parrot species are currently classified as IUCN Globally Threatened in the wild, with more Near Threatened. Capture for the live-bird trade, habitat loss and other factors put wild parrots at risk.

As an international leader in parrot conservation and welfare, the World Parrot Trust (WPT) works with researchers, in-country organisations, communities and governments to encourage effective solutions that save parrots.

Since 1989, the WPT has grown to become a global force that moves quickly to address urgent issues and support long-term projects. Over that time WPT has led or aided conservation and welfare projects in 43 countries for more than 80 species of parrot.

Why save parrots?

The story of people and parrots has been one of love and loss. People have been passionate about their intelligence, personality and beauty for centuries.

But this admiration has come at a terrible cost. Because of their enormous popularity millions of parrots are kept as companions. Unfortunately, not all enjoy the long and fulfilling lives they deserve from well-informed and compassionate caregivers. A lack of understanding of their physical and behavioural needs can cause the unluckiest of them to live short, miserable lives.  In addition to this, wild parrot populations have been devastated by the live-bird trade, habitat loss and other human-caused pressures. Because of these ongoing threats, one in four parrot species are now at risk of extinction, making them one of the most endangered groups of birds on Earth.

Our approach

Our focus is on protecting both wild and companion parrots. Determining what is in their best interest is one of our guiding principles.

Another is science. Saving endangered species, stopping the wild bird trade, restoring and protecting critical habitat, encouraging community outreach, and advocating for individual parrot welfare cannot happen effectively without it.

Working towards a common goal saving the world’s parrots

To develop impactful programs we collaborate with a diverse range of individuals, partner NGOs, scientists, governments and local communities. We carry out direct, hands-on actions and provide technical, logistical and funding support to our partners so that they can meet the challenges impacting the conservation and welfare of parrots.

All of our conservation and welfare work is made possible because of one of the world's largest international networks of parrot lovers - our dedicated supporters. You make it possible for us to protect the most at-risk parrots, now and into the future.

The WPT is committed to helping parrots survive in the wild and flourish in companion care. None of this would be possible without people like you. 

Join with us and become a protector of parrots .