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World Youth Opportunity, Inc

WYO is actively involved in community outreach programs to provide the necessary education & training, youth mentor-ship, resume building and job placement to youths in community with poor socio-cultural backgrounds, minority groups and youths below the US poverty guidelines regardless of race, color or gender

501(c)(3) Public Charity Tax ID 81-4948712




WYO is actively involved in community outreach programs to provide the necessary education and training required to develop the right skill set in areas of Information Technology & Entrepreneurship that will empower the youths to become employable and financially independent, reducing unemployment, alleviating youth poverty and ultimately reducing crime rate in our community.


Our goal is to reach out to every single youth in the communities at large regardless of race, color, gender, religion and expose them to life changing/career opportunities that will impact their lives positively as well as the communities in which they live in. 


Provide World Class Education and Training in areas of Information Technology and Entrepreneurship to the youths who can’t afford it due to socio-economic and cultural barriers by partnering or soliciting assistance from other organizations whether non-profit or for-profit supporting youths causes.

WYO also provides support to emerging non-profit organizations in areas of IT, operations & administrative support through the provision of training programs such as Introduction to computer info systems and Microsoft Office Suite to give them a kick start in communications and managing their environment professionally at a membership rate.


We instill values such as Integrity, Consistency, Reliability &Trust, because the exhibition of these qualities are the fundamental principles to a successful and healthy individual and the entire community.

For more information visit:https://www.wyous.org