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The Working Actor Studio ( began in September 2013 when a bunch of experienced acting teachers and students realized that there was no place left for students to take affordable acting classes in NYC. 

So would that be the end of people's hopes and dreams? Would that be the end of people being able to nurture their imagination, feed their creativity or even keep alive their hopes for a career in theater or films?

Those students and teachers said no! We would find joy among the ashes!

Working Actor Studio was formed with its goal to provide affordable quality classes.  It created an acting community of people who cherish the human spirit, not of people who cherish the almighty dollar.

Our teachers have decades of experience, yet they make time to teach for very low compensation for the sheer love of teaching.

Our students range from beginners to professional actors and everyone in between.  See photos all through our website,

However, we need your help and your donations to keep this dream growing and thriving.

We have teamed up with eyeBLINK, a non-profit that supports multi-cultural theater,  for this fundraiser, so that your donations will be tax-deductible.  All donations will be used for Working Actor Studio.


- Our dream is to create funding for our exclusive theater space.  We have negotiated a discounted, exclusive theater space for $6,000 per month.

- We also need smaller donations to help us pay for the theater space which we currently rent in Producers Club Theater and Studio 353.   As we only charge students the bare minimum, your help is urgently needed to help us subsidize this cost.

- We need donations to help us pay for marketing costs. Everyone agrees that Working Actor Studio is an awesome idea and critical for everyone from the recent college grad to the mom who wants to take an improvisation class once  a week to the office worker who needs his classes to feed his soul.  We have to get the word out to all of them so that the student body keeps growing and the enrollment stays strong. 

We are planning targeted postcards, mailings and pay-per-click ads . Won't you help us get the word out?

- We need donations to help us get props for our classes.  With your help, that is possible.

- We operate Working Actor Studio with as many volunteers or interns as possible.  However, we have some necessary on-going Operating Costs such as design work for flyers, website maintainance, newsletter costs, legal costs  and teacher costs. 

Dear friends and supporters, with your help, we can have a strong fundraiser and have a strong Working Actor Studio.

You can join us by donating, by asking your friends and family to donate and by creating your own personal sub-fundraiser (it's easy, just ask us).

Every dollar counts.  If you can afford it, please help us reach our goal of getting our own theater space as well.

Remember, all your donations are tax-deductible, as our partner, eyeBLINK, is a 501c3 non-profit.


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