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Wonfel Aid Inc

Wonfel is Giving Back Faithful. ወንፈል የተሰጠንን እንሰጣለን

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Educational coverage and quality is inadequate in many parts of Ethiopia. Particularly in rural areas elementary school enrollment is very low and those who are lucky enough to enroll face enormous challenges. Most middle and high schools are very far for a daily walk and kids from rural areas will be forced to leave their families, find rental place and lead an independent life at an early age. Thus the drop-out rate is alarming. Among those enrolled in elementary school, only 20% complete secondary school and only 5% manage to continue to post-secondary level education. Wonfel AID believes building boarding schools is one approach that will reduce drop-out rate, serve as a model for quality education and create opportunities for thousands. 

Wonfel (written as “ወንፈል” in Amharic) is a popular Amhara cultural practice with a core principle of giving back and that engages the community to accomplishing a challenging task. Wonfel AID believes with community participation we can make an impact on society.