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Wonder Women Tech Foundation

Wonder Women Tech highlights, celebrates and educates womxn and the underrepresented in Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math industries.

http://www.wonderwomentech.com Tax ID 47-5522752


WONDER WOMEN TECH IS AN ECOSYSTEM THAT EXPLORES THE INTERSECTIONALITY OF BEING HUMAN WITHIN STEAM INDUSTRIES.Wonder Women Tech’s mission is to highlight, celebrate and educate women and the underrepresented in STEAM industries. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) We create conferences, events, workshops and initiatives where we bring together changemakers, pioneers, innovators, and high-level speakers and attendees to explore ideas, discussions, and solutions for women and the underrepresented to succeed and thrive.

We seek to ‘disrupt the conference model’ and create a shift in diversity and inclusion within STEAM industries by offering revolutionary content and impactful discussions that will further the development of women, girls and the underrepresented as innovators.

Inclusivity and accessibility is our ultimate goal and we intend to offer innovative engagement opportunities to as many diverse audiences as possible. Our Wonder Girls and Junior Innovation Camps, Hiring Humans Career Fair, Round Table Workshops and STEAM Camps for the Deaf, Disabled, Veterans, and Seniors is provided at no cost to participants.