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Womenx Inc

WomenX Investing in the Future of Women

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WomenX is a nonprofit dedicated to creating a supportive, nurturing learning community for women to pursue lifelong learning.  The goal is to develop an affordable, easily accessible, higher education learning community that focuses on the learner, providing multiple opportunities for students to advance in their career.

We are living in a knowledge economy, requiring higher levels of education and continuous learning.  The cost of traditional education models, mostly in-person colleges, have increased significantly over time and are now unaffordable to many, especially women and women of color. To make matters worse, the current pandemic is expected to disproportionally affect women.

In the US, there are 62.3 million women ages 25-54, many of these women are on the front lines of the pandemic and most of these women are less prepared to weather the financial crisis.

  -76% of health care jobs are held by women and 85% of nurses are women.

  -Women hold 53% of restaurant, hotel, and accommodation jobs all closed.

  -Women are the majority of teachers and daycare workers who are working moms now balancing workdays with virtual teaching and increased child-care duties.

  -23% of the US families are led by one adult; 90% are women led.

The UN stated, 60% of women globally work in the informal economy, earning less, saving less, and are at greater risk of falling into poverty. The impact of the current global crisis has the potential to "defeat women's rights and deny women opportunity".

We currently offer two 10 month, free curated courses (non accredited) that provide women a pathway to further their education in a manner that best fits their individual goal whether it be a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree.

Our two flagship courses, Rebranding Women in the Workplace and the Science of HerHealth, guide students to think critically, giving them the skills to pursue their individual education and professional goals. Courses are curated from the free available college level courses online.

Coursework is completed mostly online with weekly video classroom discussion (no larger than 7 students at a time).

Practical Project: coursework culminates with a Capstone project where students demonstrate their knowledge by completing an industry related project. Some capstone projects will be sponsored by one of our industry partners.

Additional learning opportunities include mini-courses, 3-day workshops and themed community gatherings. Our offerings is available virtually; when possible, students also meet in person.

Outside of the learning, our community provides women with  friendships that grow their network.