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EVENT: The RaiseForWomen Challenge

William Stassen


WOMENS WAY wrote -

WOMEN’S WAY is the leading funding, advocacy and education organization for women in the Greater Philadelphia region, at the forefront of identifying needs, sharing knowledge and building awareness to challenge social inequities and empower women. We serve nearly 200,000 women, girls, and families each year through our comprehensive programming and events. WOMEN'S WAY envisions an engaged society in which women and girls have achieved economic equity, safety, and reproductive freedom, and have unfettered access to opportunity.


WOMEN’S WAY holds a unique place in the region’s and the nation’s history.  The organization was formed in the mid-1970s by a group of women running women-focused agencies that were struggling to keep their doors open.  The causes they served – wage equity, rape crisis, domestic violence, reproductive freedom – were controversial and hard to fund.  With a seed grant from The William Penn Foundation, they joined together to raise a collective voice and generate courageous funding for issues impacting women. In its 36 years of service, WOMEN’S WAY has put over 24 million dollars to work to enhance the lives of women and families and to provide support and assistance to the organizations that serve them. 

To this day, WOMEN’S WAY stays true to the vision of its founders by providing funding to women-led, women-serving organizations. In addition, we raise a powerful voice for women through a coordinated education and advocacy program that aims to create meaningful social change for women, girls, and their families. 


We address critical issues facing women and girls through three key programs. We make strategic grants to women and girls-serving organizations, investing critical dollars and technical support into community-based agencies that sustain families and uplift neighborhoods. We lead proactive advocacy campaigns to influence policy-makers and mobilize support to affect policies that matter to women, girls & families. And finally, we create a broad public dialogue by convening conferences and community forums, hosting issue roundtables and policy briefings, commissioning research reports, producing think tank summits – all with the aim of keeping our finger on the pulse of the community and building broad public awareness. 

The empowerment of women is widely recognized as a key indicator in determining the health of our society at-large. By tackling issues uniquely affecting women, WOMEN’S WAY’s initiatives address our communities’ most pressing needs and works towards attaining safety and equality for women, girls, and families in the Greater Philadelphia area. 


  • Expand women's access to health care and reproductive rights
  • Prevent violence against women  & girls
  • End human trafficking across the state of Pennsylvania
  • Promote the empowerment, civic engagement and leadership development of girls and women throughout our region

The Team: $17,451 TOTAL RAISED SO FAR

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