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The Women's Center of Southeastern Michigan

Counseling, Education, Advocacy

www.womenscenterSEMI.org Tax ID 36-4338567


The Women’s Center of Southeastern Michigan is dedicated to the economic and emotional self-determination of women, girls, and families.

Women in crisis have access to low-cost help from a therapist, job coach, divorce specialist, family law attorney, or financial adviser.

When women have the tools to assert their economic and emotional strengths, families and communities also thrive.

If you are struggling, we can help. Let’s figure this out together.

Not everyone has somebody to turn to when things get tough.

Our Ann Arbor-based women’s resource center specializes in women-friendly services. We can help with:

We offer services on a sliding-fee basis. We want to make sure that income is not a barrier! 

We are practicing telemedicine for Michigan residents during the Covid-19 crisis.