Wolf River Finals



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Wolf River Finals Photo
Wolf River Finals Photo
Wolf River Finals Photo
Wolf River Finals Photo
Wolf River Finals Photo

The Story

EVENT DATE: May 20, 2017

DEADLINE TO GIVE: May 31, 2017


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The Wolf River Finals is an "underground" Outdoor Adventure Sports Quadrathlon founded roughly 7 years ago by Aaron Froee Kapp. Many said it simply couldn't be done (the Quadrathlon itself, not the founding) but since its inception four determined individuals have actually completed the entire course (which evolves year to year).


What remains consistent are the events: Mountain Biking, White Water Boating, the Portage, Trail Running & Hiking (aka "The Scramble") as does the date- it is always the Saturday before Memorial Day Weekend (NOT the Saturday OF Memorial Day Weekend). Weather during the 3rd week in May has been chaotic - one year there was still snow on the ground, 40 mile per hour winds, sleet, rain and a pretty fierce windchill. Another Year found weather so hot and humid the Green Bay, WI Marathon was canceled on the very same day as the Wolf River Finals. Needless to Say, the Wolf River Finals was NOT cancelled. With conditions always questionable, it is highly recommended that Finalists only participate in the segments in which they are most accomplished and comfortable.


The Wolf River Finals is an "un-timed" event and it is much, much more of a social celebration of the Wisconsin Outdoors than a competition. In fact, the origin of the Wolf River Finals was an attempt to see just how much fun everyone could have in the Woods and Rivers in a single day. With the return of the Wolf River Finals, the hope is to use the annual underground Quadrathlon as an opportunity to raise funds and awareness for various causes from year to year.


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