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Like many schools across the Country, Foster Elementary School in California, The Fresh Creek School in New York and Napier Elementary in Tennessee have faced severe budget cuts. One result of these cuts was the elimination of summer school and any additional summer programming once offered to the students. WME employees recognized the need to provide these children with enrichment activities during the summer season and created Camp Summer Eagle, Camp Summer Lion and now Camp Summer Bear.

WME employees work with school and city leaders to create a curriculum in reading, arts and physical activity. Saturdays during the summer, students gather to take part in a series of camp games, songs and arts activities. Additionally, volunteers work with students to improve their reading skills and prepare them for the school year to come in fun and innovative ways. WME’s Summer Camps strive to give students who would normally have nothing to do during the summer a chance to create, learn and build memories that will last a lifetime!

Looking for a way to be involved? Why not help sponsor Camp Summer Eagle’s meals! Levels of sponsorship are:

$500-Lunch Sponsorship; Your donation provides a healthy lunch for all campers and staff

$250-Breakfast Sponsorship; Your donation provides the breakfast for all campers, many of which don’t have the opportunity to eat breakfast before coming to camp

$100-Snack Sponsorship; Your donation provides healthy snacks for all campers

$50-Camp Counselor Coffee Sponsorship; Your donation provides snacks and coffee for all of your camp counselors


About WME Foundation


Our mission is to apply the energy, passion and resources that we use in our business to make a tangible difference in our community. We do this through focused efforts at our partner schools Foster Elementary School and Whaley Middle School in Compton California, The Fresh Creek School in Brooklyn, New York and Napier Elementary in Nashville, Tennessee.

Our goal is to work with administrators, teachers, students and parents to assess the school’s greatest needs and collaborate with WME employees, clients and associates to meet those needs and build lasting relationships.

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Camp Summer Bear

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