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  • Wish Granted

    Alexis, Age 5

    Wish: I wish to have a companion dog

    Category: Animals

    Alexis was diagnosed with cancer at a young age. Sharing her life with someone special has always brought her happiness – especially when that someone special was her dog, Paco. Paco and Alexis were inseparable until recently, when Paco was diagnosed with cancer and the family had to lay him to rest. Now, with another round of treatments on the horizon for Alexis, having a dog that has completed the extensive training required to provide specialized care and support will lift Alexis up during her treatment and recovery.

  • Wish Granted

    Alexander, AGE 13

    Wish: I wish to go on a ski trip to Patagonia

    Category: Travel

    Alexander loves to be active, and some of his favorite hobbies are skateboarding, rollerblading and playing hockey with his friends. He is passionate about skiing and is a huge fan of the Washington Capitals hockey team. Alexander’s wish is to go to Patagonia, Argentina to ski with his family in one of the greatest ski locations in the world. He also hopes to ride in a snowmobile and experience the stunning surroundings firsthand.

  • Wish Granted

    Cooper, AGE 4

    Wish: I wish to have a service dog

    Category: Animals

    Cooper is an all-around animal lover, and he especially likes dogs. He enjoys playing with his animal farm set, playing in the sandbox and cooking with his grandpa. Because of his medical condition, Cooper experiences daily seizures, which limit him from leaving his house, and he requires constant supervision. His wish is to have a service dog so he can have a companion to grow up with, as well as someone to comfort him and help detect the onset of seizures.

  • Wish Granted

    Claire, AGE 5

    Wish: I wish to be a mermaid

    Category: Fairytale

    Claire loves the beach, water and collecting seashells. Her favorite color is sparkly pink, and she loves mermaids. Claire’s wish is to be a mermaid, complete with a pink and purple tail and the chance to play with dolphins. She dreams of being a mermaid in a warm and sunny place and hopes to make her mom, dad and sister into a royal mermaid family!