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WINGS WORLDQUEST RECOGNIZES AND SUPPORTS EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN IN SCIENCE AND EXPLORATION. WINGS Fellows and Flag Carriers are bold thought leaders, problem solvers, innovators and role models for the next generation that, guided by science and the spirit of discovery, are tackling the world’s toughest challenges, putting us on a path to a more hopeful, sustainable future.

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WINGS WorldQuest is the only organization that awards unrestricted grants to exceptional women scientists and explorers leading quests to advance knowledge and find solutions to global problems through bold research and exploration projects. Grants and honoraria are awarded to Women of Discovery Awardees, Flag Carriers and speakers. WINGS WorldQuest serves a growing global community of more than 130 Fellows and Flag Carriers across almost 70 countries by providing a platform through which they can network, share ideas and achievements, and garner support for their work. WINGS WorldQuest also aims to inspire and educate the next generation by building awareness of women in leadership, promoting interest in the sciences, introducing exciting career opportunities, and motivating young women and girls to safeguard our world.