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Wildtrack Inc (WildTrack)

WildTrack: Protecting wildlife with non-invasive technology

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WildTrack is a 501(c)3 organization based in the USA.  Our Mission is to protect endangered species at risk of extinction. We're different in the way we operate - we use only non-invasive, animal-friendly methods, and always include local communities and their traditional ecological expertise in our tool-box of techniques.  That's what makes our approach sustainable, and fit for the future. WildTrack is 'Conservation From the Ground Up'.

Zoe Jewell and Sky Alibhai, WildTrack's founders, have dedicated their lives to this mission, with more than 70 years field experience between them.  They are truly the founding parents of the non-invasive approach, spending their time helping their more than 20 global field projects with conservation on the ground over 5 continents. They're constantly innovating new non-invasive techniques, collecting field data, giving talks, encouraging and supervising students and publishing peer-reviewed scientific papers to push forward the best conservation practices.

A snapshot of their work was recently profiled in Time magazine

Today we at WildTrack are asking for your help to protect the last remaining rhino, before it’s too late.  Rhino were on this planet millions of years before us, and yet we have brought them to their knees, literally.  Ruthless poachers have even cut the horns off mother rhino while they are still alive, leaving their desperate babies to starve or be eaten by lions.  

There are only around 5,000 black rhino left in the world. That’s the population of a small village. Every single day 3-5 are killed. Can you see how close we are to losing them altogether?

At WildTrack, we have an innovative approach to rhino protection. Our research shows that the common practice of darting and collaring rhino (often repeatedly) can cause mother rhino to abort, losing their calves again and again. So we looked for a better, more effective and humane way to protect them.

Expert trackers in Africa used to laugh at Zoe and Sky and say 'All you need to do is look at the ground!'   They were right and using that inspiration we developed a footprint identification technique (FIT).  Using footprints (just like your fingerprints) we can now identify individuals and tell their sex and age.  Now we can find where rhinos are, and who they are - and that's the key secret to protecting them.

We’re now using drones (UAV’s) as well, collecting footprints from the air with help from our friends at senseFly and their amazing eBeeX drone.  This will help us cover much larger areas of ground, protecting more animals.

Rhinos in remote parts of Namibia are in special danger right now as poachers begin to close in on them from South Africa.. We’re working with Namibia’s government, which has an excellent record in rhino protection, to train local groups to use footprint identification. It’s cheaper, more community-friendly, and best of all doesn’t disturb the rhino.

We need your help urgently!  We are so grateful for your contribution to help WildTrack’s mission, to protect these beautiful animals and the other endangered species we share our planet with.