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Wild Tomorrow Fund wrote -

*** Each and every donation you make over $25 enters you in the draw to win a GoPro Session camera worth $200! ***

Dear supporters, every so often we have the chance to make a momentous impact. That chance is right now.
We are thrilled to take part in this Flash Challenge starting Tuesday July 12 and ending Tuesday July 19. We have exactly seven days to raise more money than the other organizations in the challenge. If we win, CrowdRise will donate an extra $10,000 on top of the money we raise!


As you may know, many species including elephants, rhinos, and lions are in desperate trouble due to illegal poaching, trophy hunting, and habitat loss. If they have any kind of future they need our help now.

Wild Tomorrow Fund works with multiple reserves in South Africa where these beautiful animals live. 

Will you help us by donating today? Every single dollar pushes us closer to the $10,000 grand prize.
As an added bonus for your generosity, GoPro has joined the challenge! Each and every donation you make over $25 enters you in the draw to win a GoPro Session camera worth $200!


Here are some of the invaluable items and services that your gift can pay for: -

$25 will pay for equipment that includes:-

- Binoculars for Rangers on Patrol
- Water Bottles for Rangers on Patrol
- Flashlights (torches) for Anti-poaching Units

$50 will pay for equipment that includes:-

- Anti-Poaching Ranger Uniform
- Leatherman for Rangers in the Field
- Anti-Poaching Ranger Boots

$100 will pay for equipment that includes:-

- Camera Trap
To get sightings of secretive and shy animals.

- Food for orphaned animals 
When females have been killed by poachers their babies are often found wandering alone. Ecolosists capture and care for them until they are old enough to be returned to the wild. 

$200 will pay for services that include:-

- Emergency Vet Visit
Many times animals are found injured and need immediate veterinary care to stand a chance of survival.

- School Children Visit to Reserve
Most children living around reserves have never had the opportunity to see wildlife up close. If they understand the issues surrounding animals they will be more likely to protect them when they become adults.

$200 will pay for equipment that includes:-

- Lion, Wild dog, or Hyeana collar
By attaching radio collars to animals ecologists are able to locate them and make sure they’re safe.

$400 will pay for conservation exercises that include:-

- Half an Acre of Wild Land
Wild Tomorrow Fund is purchasing a piece of land that otherwise would have been lost to wildlife forever. It is 1254 acres, has many wild animals including leopards, zebra, hyeana, crocodiles and hippos. Your donation will ensure these animals have a home forever.

$500 will pay for conservation exercises that include:-

- Rhino Dehorning
Dehorning is a way to protect the rhino before the poachers gets to them.  This amount pays for helicopter time and vet fees.

- Emergency Response
When elephants, rhinos, lions, or wild dogs break out of the reserves they must be captured and returned as soon as possible. Not everyone cares about wildlife like we do and they will not hesitate to eliminate them.


$500 will pay for equipment that includes:-

- Computer for Ecologists
To track and plot animal movemements by the manager and ecologist.

$1,000 will pay for conservation exercises that include:-

- Entire Day of Helicopter Time & Vet Fees 
During this day multiple elephants or rhinos can be worked on.

$15,000 will pay for:-

- Salary of an Ecologist
The ecologist performs vital conservation programs on the ground in South Africa. You’ll get to have a one-on-one relationship with them. They’ll update you every month via skype and/or email on the progress of their work. If you would like more information on this work please reach out to me at 917 952 3922 or email me at

Please share this campaign with your friends and followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and be sure to include the link to this page.
Thank you for kindness and compassion.


John Steward
Founder and Executive Director
Wild Tomorrow Fund

Wild Tomorrow Fund is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
EIN: 47-2756880

The Team: $8,523 TOTAL RAISED SO FAR

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