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Wild Horse Connection Corporation

WHC is your Range Management Team for over 3,000 horse that live on the Virginia Range. Our amazing team of regular and part-time volunteers are committed to helping the horses and our community. We take our convictions and turn them into action.

www.wildhorseconnection.org Tax ID 47-4041060

Wild Horse Connection is your official Range Management Team. We are honored to have the added privilege of working even closer with our Virginia Range horses. Our efforts will continue to do everything we can to help keep our horses and community safe. With aiding community concerns, public education & working actively to limit public safety issues. By providing assistance to the NDA handing all Emergency calls regarding injured horses, Abandon foals, Rescues, Adoptions, Supplying Emergency Diversionary Feeding to encourage horses to stay on the range, Water resource placement, Fencing projects, working with Private Property owners, Developers, Business owners, Law Enforcement, NDOT, Animal Services and LRTC.

Our group has dedicated volunteers that put in many hours on the range and with our rescues. With over 3,000 horses under our management we are always recruiting new volunteers. More information on Volunteering, Donations and other ways you can help visit us at http://www.WildHorseConnection.org or email info@wildhorseconnection.org Thank you for your support we could not do this without you!

Connecting our Community, Protecting the Mustangs and Educating Everyone.      

Keeping the Wild Horses of the Virginia Range Free, Educate the Community about living with our Mustangs and Rescuing those that had to be removed from the range. Training our rescued so they can be used for therapy and emotional support. Providing Emergency resources to those in need.

Wild Horse Connection Rescue is a non profit 501 c(3) devoted to our American Heritage Wild Mustangs. We are a group of individuals who have dedicated our lives to be their voice in a time when their freedom and their lives are being threatened.  Some of us spend endless hours on the range observing, documenting and protecting the wild ones. Spending many hours in all kind of weather striving to keep them free. While others of us spend our time managing and caring for those who have been removed from the range and are now living their lives with humans. We aim to gentle them and give them a solid foundation in a way that honors and preserves their spirit. We hope that we can serve them well and be the voice they need in a time when so many have lost sight of how America was founded and settled.  How important Mustangs were then to our survival and how they are still serving humanity in a way that only they can do.