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Wichita County Heritage Society Inc

Saving the Past for our Future

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The Wichita County Heritage Society has worked tirelessly for over 44 years to secure the historic fabric of Wichita County by preserving historic structures through stabilization and restoration, educating the public on best practices for historic preservation, and sharing the history of our community through the Kell House Museum. Major accomplishments include establishing the Local Landmark Ordinance (1978), repurposing the Kell House into a museum (1981), stabilizing the Littlest Skyscraper (1986), constructing a permanent home for the Railroad Museum (1992), restoring the Kemp-Kell Depot (2000), saving the Historic Holt Hotel (2005), and stabilizing the Magnolia Building (2014). Our current project is the rehabilitation of the Kell House Museum, the 1909 of Wichita Falls' pioneer businessman Frank Kell.