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Wholesome Image Inc

This organization was created to provide positive exposure and relevant learning opportunities for our children. The goal is to enhance social skills, academic success, distinctive character, self-esteem, positive attitude, career goals, work ethic, and decision making skills. Every child is someone's "Love one", He or she matters. When a family enrolls their child in our programs, there will be far greater opportunities for that child to become successful. Greatness is possible.

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Wholesome Image, Inc. gives parents additional support to help reduce various burdens, struggles and challenges their children may face within our communities. Our leaders work as interventionists in the lives of these families by presenting to them reasonable opportunities to learn and develop. The organization provides youth a fun and peaceful refuge to socialize and interact with other peers while participating in enrichment activities, workshops and cultural & historical expeditions; many of our events call on partners and volunteers to share enlightening words of inspiration to help encourage healthy youth development. The corporation’s creed suggests that we are all capable of greatness and one’s best opportunity for growth lies in his or her degree of positive exposure and belief. Along with parents, friends and supporters, we shall work to save our youth from decline and failure. Ultimately, the goal is to help rebuild and renew the yet dysfunctional homes within every local and distant community; the stated organization works alongside sister organization, Preeminent Impact, LLC and numerous community leaders to make families whole by covering the lost, mending the broken, nourishing the weak and embracing the forgotten. Stronger homes make stronger communities; in that accomplishment we create a stronger America; the glorious prize is the creation of happy smiles and positive relationships. Love is our driving force.