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Our mission is to create tools to help people express, examine and embrace their stories of life and loss in ways that expedite healing, expand awareness and enable wholehearted living. Our work is all about life...which includes loss!

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Too many people have been wounded by life, yet lack the access, awareness, knowledge, skills, and support to truly heal their hearts. Whether they're hurt by losses related to death, divorce, health diagnoses, relationships, incarceration, employment, or other changes, they often experience mental, emotional and social blockages that prevent them from being able to provide basic needs, achieve at a higher level and live full, healthy lives where they maximize their contributions to their families and society.  Through community outreach and engagement, The Whole Heart Center provides no cost and low cost one-on-one coaching, small group sessions, retreats, and resources that take participants from painful or unfulfilled existences to lifestyles of healing and wholeness.