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Whis-purr Rescue

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We are Whis-Purr Rescue...

Whis-Purr Rescue's rescue and adoption center is much different than most you may visit. We maintain a center with large walk-in cages so that a potential adopter can visit the kitties they are considering in the kitty's own environment.

The center also maintains two rooms:

1.) The Meow House which was built in 2009. The Meow House is the home of adult cats that usually have a longer stay so have a more comfortable place to be.


2) The Kitty Yoga Room, newly created, is the home for cats or kittens also waiting for their forever home.  At times we will hold Yoga classes in this room or individuals can reserve the room to practice Yoga independently.  The Kitty Yoga Room also many times becomes the home of our more "special needs" cats or kittens.  The kitties in this room are usually super friendly and love to have attention.  They are not shy.  A very quiet and peaceful place to be.  

* Whis-Purr Rescue, Inc. will work with the community and partner with other rescues to trap, neuter and release ferals, helping with the overpopulation of cats in the local neighborhoods.

* Whis-Purr Rescue, Inc. will work with families in the community with their feline behavior issues in the hope of a greater outcome and less surrenders back to rescues and to shelters where they may be euthanized.

* Whis-Purr Rescue, Inc. will help families in financial crises by putting them in touch with resources that could enable them to keep their extended animal family intact.

* Whis-Purr Rescue, Inc. also has an adoption partnership contract when we adopt out senior cats where we partner with the adopter to provide what the adopter might need in order to care for the senior cat, i.e. medical care, food and supplies, etc.

Won't you join the Whis-Purr Rescue Team in our efforts? Donate, Foster, Volunteer and ADOPT!