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Please help Jackie raise money for her school with this "Jogathon" thing.  No donation too small or too big!  The proceeds will help pay for two of the most important, yet severly lacking things at her school: yard supervision and empathy training-- teaching the kids how to be good people, even when nobody's looking.  

It seems as if the lesson to treat each other as they would like others to treat them is completely lost on the kids at her school.  Maybe it's endemic to her generation, growing up with the greatly diminished authority of teachers and adults in general, or maybe it's some other reason, but whatever it is, without correcting they will be a either a class or generation rife with sociopaths!  

Apparently, there is no way to effectively teach The Golden Rule without this special kit they must buy for the teachers.  This is what it's come to.  Regardless of how pathetic that is, that's the situation.  

I have no idea how this slipped past the Common Core, but it seems to not be a fundamental skill, like being able to break big numbers down into their component "10's"; therefore, lessons about place value that used to take up maybe 1 week of our time 40 years ago now consume months and months as they try to get kids too young to understand the concepts underlying math to understand the concepts underlying math, instead of teaching them how to do it-- first.  Imagine if they had insisted that the kids understand the concepts of locomotion and what each step entails on a conceptual level before they were taught how to get up and walk! They'd still be crawling now... and probably wouldn't ever walk!

But I digress. Slightly.

Please help Jackie and her class to treat each other with at least a modicum of consideration and not grow up to be the little pricks and assholes so many of them are right now.

Thank you.


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Welcome to the Westwood Charter Jogathon Fundraising page! The Jogathon is a wonderful way for our children to learn about physical fitness while also helping raise much-needed funds for our school. Westwood Charter relies on your donations to provide students with PE, Art, and Music teachers along with student aids, enrichment programs, and class size reduction.

Past Jogathons raised enough money to enhance our playground and PE program, beautify the campus and purchase umbrellas and shade for the lunch area (watch for these to arrive in the coming weeks). This year, the Westwood Charter Jogathon will raise money to pay for programs to help make our yard a safer and happier place for all students. We are hoping to purchase Second Step kits - skill building lessons that include empathy training, impulse control and problem solving - for each teacher, which will enhance our PAWS program and support teacher assistants on the yard. Any additional money raised will help support our exisiting programs.


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