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West Point Society of the Mid Hudson Region Inc

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SUMMARY:  The West Point Society of the Mid-Hudson Region (WPSMHR) organizes an annual character and leadership conference at West Point for local high school students from nearby NY and NJ communities.  Society members, officers, and cadets volunteer their time; annual conference expenses are approximately $3,000.  Please consider donating to help fund this important conference.

DETAILS:  The West Point Society of the Mid-Hudson Region (WPSMHR) is one of many worldwide West Point societies made up of graduates and friends of the US Military Academy at West Point. In addition to serving the needs of West Point and its cadets and graduates, the WPSMHR hosts an annual Leadership & Character Conference (LCC) for local high school juniors in the Hudson Valley area. The conference is a one-day affair held at West Point (Eisenhower Hall) where 135-150 high-achieving high school juniors and faculty members from about 35 schools are invited to participate in a seminar where they are exposed to motivational talks and case studies involving instances when the easier "wrong" was taken instead of the harder "right."  The conference includes a keynote address by a paid motivational speaker and facilitated group discussions with officers and cadets. The students are encouraged to carry the lessons from the conference back to their respective schools as seniors and leaders. The schools have appealed to the WPSMHR to continue the program because they recognize its value to the students, their school, and society in general.

Conference expenses are funded by society dues, fundraisers, and donations; no funding is provided by the Government, the Army, or the Academy. Expenses include sending out invitations, a fee for the keynote speaker, a modest breakfast for the students and faculty who arrive at 8:00am, a box lunch, printing, and some modest souvenirs.  These costs are approximate $3000 for each annual conference.  With additional funds, we would like to expand beyond the approximately 35 schools now invited.

Thank you for your support!