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EVENT DATE: May 07, 2017

In the spirit of putting one foot in front of another, we are running in Pittsburgh this coming May 7 and we welcome any and everyone to join us and spread the word (whether it be the full or half!). In the aftermath of Tuesday and staring down the four years to come, we are determined to channel our resources and to focus on the people who are going to be most impacted. We also want to make commitments today, while we are raw and hurting and angry, to hold our feet to the fire in the next months and years to make sure we don't forget or get seized by apathy. We chose Pennsylvania very purposefully. HRC lost PA by 68,236 and we plan on running decked in Hillary gear and reminding ourselves and others "to never stop believing that fighting for what's right is worth it." We will run for causes and organizations we believe in, we care about deeply, and that work to protect some of the people that will be most affected by the election. We hope you will give what you can. Even better, is if you can come join and run with us. Let us know if you want to join this fundraising team and run with this - #StrongerTogether. Also, for what it is worth, they say running is good to work out anger, anxiety and to get some peace of mind....