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First thank you for visiting this page and for reading my message to all. My family is in need of help financially. I am the eldest son of my old and sick parent we are two brothers and one little sister. I have lost my job for my physical disability because my health is not so good to hard working for long time for my back bone problem. I tried to find a second easy job and to no avail, I am not sure when I will have a new job because that is too much difficult to find a new job to any where in my area.

So I can not earn anything now, We are now homeless and now we are split in two different places. My parent and my little sister is with my father’s  friends house, I and my younger brother with my friends.

We are on the verge of losing everything, as we are already behind. I am looking for to start a new small business like a coffee shop and internet cyber café here in my local area to save our family. Even though I can't afford to put meals on the table for my parent, younger brother,  little sister and me. I been getting into a lot of trouble to take care of them to save their lives.  I am getting no financial help from anybody or from bank loans here because we don’t have any property or asset to keep mortgage or security.

We are really in badly needed financial help very urgently from kind people around the world to start our little business to save my family, their health treatment, for my younger brother’s and little sister’s feeding and their farther and school study.

So please think about our problem in humanitarian ground as we are very poor and helpless.

Thank you and many blessings to everyone on here, you are in my prayers! . I need financial help for my family Any help from anybody would be greatly appreciated. Please somehow help me and my family. This is all I am asking my younger brother and little sister don't need any toys. They need to be safe and feed! We just need a hand up so we can get back on our feet.

Please help us. Thank you!



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