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Wenard Institute

We empower people with free, curated, digitized information.

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Our team of experienced researchers and volunteers uncovers gaps in existing online information. We fill them with our studies, summaries, and analyses, and publish it all under copyleft licenses: available for all people to read freely.

People expect to find it all online: every viewpoint, every angle, every detail. The information seems to be there, but it isn’t. Most 20th century books, articles, and dissertations are neither digitized nor available for sale, but locked in a handful of libraries. Existing electronic repositories and online encyclopedias are just a drop in an ocean: less than 0.01% of human knowledge is freely available online.

On most topics, the internet simply reshuffles a tiny portion of knowledge, preventing online generations from going deep. It’s like a surreptitious return of the Middle Ages, when 99% of human knowledge was locked inside a handful of temples and monasteries. Then and now, this information divide creates and deepens inequalities. We fight to change this.