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We are a non-profit organization.

We are about peace and unity. About the joining together of people and organizations. To work united together, as one loud voice across the world.

To stand together, to raise awareness to those who still have no idea the horrors animals suffer every day. So that United as one, we can go after those who seek to abuse, torture, use and exploit animals, for their own monetary gain or self gratification.

And to be a voice for those without a voice. For only United together as one. Do we stand any chance in making the changes needed for the animals. It is important, that we are all able to communicate and work together.

As we continue to raise awareness through our Events. That are open to All organizations to participate and spread the word of what their organizations do. For all have a necessary function.

We will also be working on educating our young. Working together with organizations and people to implement programs to teach our youth. Our future generations. That animals deserve our love and respect. That they are sentient beings, and do have a soul (whom deserve to live their lives in peace.) And need our help.

We will also be working together, as a united group. On various animal issues that need help, need change, need stricter laws and harsher penalties.

Our first Event of 08 October 2011 was our first step. And we feel was quite successful. In uniting many countries around the world. Our next Event is scheduled for September 22, 2012.

Working in Unity! For the Animals!

We are hoping to raise funds for our cause and events where we raise awareness to the horrors animals suffer every day. We also would like to raise funds to be able to donate to related worthy causes as well as have funds available in order to manifest our mission and goals:



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Menita is working on selecting a charity so you can support WEEAC SA.