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Hepatitis C Global Initiatives

A Charity in Transformation

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Disclaimer: We have spent the past year and ½ setting up a new charity to help the people in our Belize community.  Since Covid-19 hit the World, our business location has suffered tremendous loss.

The very last pile of paperwork (a year in the making) was to be submitted. After Covid happened, the new mission statements no longer applied. We were actively involved in River Conservation efforts, and even that was shut down.

We are now physically back in Canada, and are aware that people Worldwide need help to cope at this very stressful time. This will be our first new Mission Statement going forward. (The entire process will begin again).

We invite YOU to help us gear WeAreAllLight in a new direction, going with the flow of our New World and how we can help! Please feel free share your thoughts and ideas!

*New Board Members are also invited to apply!