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Wayne Manor for Masega

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Wayne Manor for Masega

Wayne Manor, as part of their annual philanthropy campaign, is crowdsourcing for Masega and their partner Shirati Health, Education, and Development Foundation.

Wayne Manor is a Duke University Selective Living Group dedicated to making change in the world through weekly and annual philanthropy partnerships. 


Read more about Masega below:

The Masega Mission

Masega invests in a network that bridges the information gap and empowers not just a community of people, but also its nonprofits, local businesses and local governments. With partnerships from Shirati Health, Education and Development Foundation (SHEDF) and Village Life Outreach Project (VLOP), Masega aims to leverage its resources and expertise to help run effective treatment and education campaigns.

The Problem

Schistosomiasis is a rapidly spreading waterborne disease in the Rorya District of Tanzania. Home to 300,000 people, the Rorya District is located by the shores of Lake Victoria bordering Kenya. About 5 in 6 children of the population are infected with schistosomiasis; a parasitic worm that can go unnoticed in the body for 20 years. In its chronic stages, the abdomen floods with fluids, the liver fails, and the throat dilates amounting to death. Its silent inner destruction of the body is everlasting on the individual and on society.

Schistosomiasis is one of the leading threats to Daily-Adjusted Life Years (DALYs) jeopardizing brain and body growth, liver development, school attendance, labor force, and immune response to other devastating diseases. Eradication of the disease is possible, but the worm’s silence is its deadliest mechanism. Hundreds of thousands of adults and children live with the disease unknowing of its long-term permanent complications.


Our Change Theory

Our community designed treatment and education campaigns have proved their effectiveness in previous pilots and are prepared to treat 20,000 people by the end of the summer of 2015. Over the past three years, our innovative campaigns have involved nearly 15,000 people and treated 85% of a community of 3000 in one month for a dollar or less per person.


Every dollar raised by our network can sustainably unite a community -- its government, its non-profits, its businesses, and its people to empower individuals to be informed, to be healthy, and to be inspired for change for the long-term.


It takes only 20 cents to treat an individual, but our mission is not a one in done treatment model. We are building a network to control schistosomiasis for lasting sustainability that may have the potential to go beyond just this one disease.

Our goal is to reach 6% of the Rorya District by the end of the summer of 2015. By 2017, we plan to scale to 20% of the people and build two supporting companies. And finally, we hope there is no longer a need for treatment in the Rorya Distrcit in 2020. We aspire to have the local governments and communities take charge in reaching the entirety of the population. Along the way, we hope to scale our model to new areas, expand to other neglected diseases, and consult companies in support of our work.


Join us in building a network


After the summer of 2015, Masega will publish a video demonstrating all the impact these donations had on the Rorya District. Here are a couple levels of support:


Support Levels


Individual Supporter

Platinum - $10,000

  • Masega Apparel
  • You have the option to join our advising board
  • We will personally call to thank you over the phone
  • We mention your name in the our next promotional video


Gold - $2,500

  • Welcome to Masega - you have the option to include your name on our website
  • A Masega Sticker


Silver - $250

  • A personalized email from our team and people you help treat


Bronze - $25

  • Thank you for your support
  • Share us on Facebook!


Fundraise Supporter

Platinum - $20,000

  • Welcome to Masega - your team logo goes on our website
  • Everyone on your team recieves Masega apparel
  • We mention your team name in our next video
  • You will recieve a personal email from us with the option of officiating a Masega branch at your location
  • Your team leader will have the option to attend a Masega Conference at Duke University


Gold - $10,000

  • Welcome to Masega - your team name goes on our website
  • Masega Stickers


Silver - $2,500

  • A personalized thank you letter from our founders and people you help treat 


Bronze - $500

  • You Rock!
  • Share us on Facebook!




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