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Waterrising Institute (WaterRising)

RACE TO REAL TIME Pathogen Detection

https://www.waterrisinginstitute.org Tax ID 82-3568853


The WaterRising Institute  is a women led, non-profit curator of real time technologies that measure and alert about water quality issues, in large bodies of water.

WaterRising brings state-of-the-art environmental technologies in water space, especially for the real-time monitoring of contaminants that includes pathogens such as E.coli and heavy metals, communicating contamination levels to local authorities, citizens and stakeholders. 

WaterRising is developing its unique forecasting model that predicts when the coliform bacteria (E.coli) concentrations will cross the standard thresholds of safety, at different locations in a river ecosystem. 

This kind of information enables real time warning systems, allowing informed decision-making and determining timely preventive action. The AI-based model analyses weather data, streamflow, and water quality parameters that are critical for predicting bacteria concentrations in our rivers and lakes.