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How do we help? With the creation of chapters across the nation we are able to have a "safe haven" meeting place where veterans can meet and be a support group for each other. How do the chapters help? The chapters are designed to be a network, a system that we can rely on when we need it. How does Warrior Pointe benefit from donations? Warrior Pointe benefits in many forms from donations from wonderful people like you. Your contributions help keep this website up, our forums where we can discuss on a national level the issues facing our veterans today. The cost of "doing business" such as business cards, flyers for missing veterans, banners for events etc... Donations are used to help our own community. Food gift cards for families that need to put food on the table. Gas card for the individual that needs to fill his car up for gas to be able to go to work. Necessities for veterans that are unable to pay for them. Where do we see Warrior Pointe in 5 years? Within 5 years we would like to see permanent homes for our chapter meetings, and this will cost rent money. The ability to reach out and help our brothers and sisters as needed. Where do we see Warrior Pointe in 10 years? Within 10 years, the goal will be infrastructure owned by Warrior Pointe, land owned by Warrior Pointe where we can help retrain veterans that need some kind of vocational training to get back to being a civilian again. Land to grow food as a therapeutic means. For our brothers and sisters that need it. Where do we see Warrior Pointe in 20 years? To be the household name, to be the advocate for ALL of our war fighter community. To be the one stop for all outgoing members of the armed forces. Warrior Pointe pledges now and here on forth, not to be profit driven. As of now, all members including the President of the organization are on volunteer basis. We do understand where there will be a time where full time paid positions will be available but no one shall be paid in excessive amounts of money like other so called non-profit organizations. We do appreciate your donation to this organization, regardless of the amount. Every penny helps, every dime is accounted for. Every dollar goes to helping ALL our veterans! From the bottom of our hearts... Thank you!

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