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I am a 25 year old Kenyan citizen. I have heard the privilege of traveling all around Africa and the wonderful opportunity of meeting people of all social classes.

In all my travels i take pictures and interact on different levels with different people. One thing has been constant in all the 3rd world countries I've toured-Homelessness.

It is no news that Many people in Africa live below the poverty line and do not have basic necessities that are ever so easy to take for granted (food, clothing and shelter.) whereas the privileged few have more than enough to get by, the homeless majority do not know on what street corner they will spend the next night.

They spend their days roaming along city streets and their cold nights looking for a boulder to use as a pillow under bridges and concrete pavements.

The governments and the state officials that should protect and serve their citizens are only concerned about their families and their own selfish desires. corruption is finding its way into ministries and projects that would otherwise ensure that every single citizen has a roof over their heads.

This is especially true in Kenya, my country. A nation of 40 million citizens and only 20% live decent lives. where does that live the 80%? Where is the government?

As a citizen of goodwill and empathy i want to do my part, i want to play a small role in the betterment of my beloved country; i want to stop blaming the government and do my part.

After consultations with relevant stakeholders in Nairobi(the capital) myself and a few partners want to come up with a pilot project; to build two Eco friendly warehouse shelters(one for women and another for men) that would ensure that homeless people have a place to sleep at night. If the pilot project is successful, similar models will be employed in each of the 47 counties around the country.

For the first project, we want to build two warehouse shelters (for women and men) with each having a capacity to hold 500 individuals. we plan to execute this project in four phases that include: 1) acquiring land, 2) construction, 3)equipping and furnishing and 4) housing the homeless.

We want to build Eco friendly shelters that do very little harm to the environment while fulfilling a small role in the melioration of the less fortunate in the society.

Towards this end, we are asking for a sum of 200,000$. will you help us?



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